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                        Brief Introduction of Qianyuan




                        Hunan Qianyuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., founded in July 2013, is a  large-scale comprehensive private enterprise, engaging in researching, developing, producing and selling of aluminium alloys. As a leading enterprise in the aluminium industry in Hunan Province, it mainly undertakes researching, developing and producing aluminum profiles for architectures, industrial materials, high-end decorative materials, high-end doors and windows and other aluminum alloy products. Qianyuan is located in Huaihua, “a city towed by trains”, which has superior geographical location, enjoys developed logistics and has the advantage of convenient railway, highway and air transportation. Up till now, the company has expanded to nearly 200,000 square meters, with over 500 employees.

                        With an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, the sales market of aluminium profiles of Qianyuan has spread all over the country, mainly in Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing and Guangdong. Our high-quality products are widely applied to various fields among which the construction industry is the most representative one. Qianyuan has established a sound industrial chain of aluminium processing, including mould design, product research and development, processing of aluminium alloys and surface treatment of aluminium profiles. A perfect production and operation management system has been set up as well. Since 2018, Qianyuan has increased its capital investment and has also introduced some advanced production equipments and technologies, such as the advanced vertical spraying line and a larger tonnage extruder have been settled in Qianyuan, being put into operation. At present, The advanced equipments have greatly improved Qianyuan’s manufacturing ability, such as sand blasting, anodic oxidation, electrophoretic coating, single and double salt coloring, wood grain, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, thermal insulation strip piercing, glue injection and extinction electrophoresis production line. Since its establishment, Qianyuan has obtained certifications of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and IS01400 Environmental Management System and has patented for a number of inventions and utility models, Many certificates of honor have been awarded to Qianyuan, such as High-TechEnterprise,HunanFamousBrandProduct and HunanFamousTrademark.

                        Qianyuan always adheres to the essential tenet ----focusing on improving its core technology and core competitiveness", effectively combines "production, research and utilization", supports the sustainable development with scientific and technological innovation, and upholds the business philosophy of "Brand thriving, enterprise thriving; Quality strong, enterprise strong". In today's world, with the strong impetus of internet, cloud computing, big data, quantum technology and other technologies, the world has entered the industrial 4.0 era characterized by scientific and technological innovation and industrial change. Under such background, Qianyuan people live up to the historic development opportunities generously endowed by the times, with the competitive advantages of strict quality management system, sincere service, advanced production equipment and technology, unique marketing model and perfect after-sales service system. Facing the future, we are brave enough to move forward and strive to catch up with the advanced technology. Aiming at the international advanced level, we are determined to realize the transformation from "Qianyuan Manufacturing" to "Qianyuan Intelligent Manufacturing".

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